Do you want to row in style? The WaterRower is one very exciting rowing machine. This is one of a kind rowing machine, that is quite popular thanks to its very unique design. WaterRower, as the name suggests is a rowing machine that features water resistance. There are many perks to having water resistance on your rowing machine as we will see below.

waterrower natural rowing machineThe following is a WaterRower natural rowing machine review. For a person who has never used a rowing machine before, they would never be able to understand what makes the WaterRower such an impressive rowing machine. This WaterRower review will explore the various features of this rowing machine, as well as its pros and cons. The aim is to find out what makes it such a great rowing machine, and how you can use it best. It is one of the best water rowing machine reviews.

WaterRower Natural Review

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The WaterRower Natural rowing machine is one very impressive rowing machine. It is an attractive wooden rowing machine that is handcrafted. It comes with a water flywheel that delivers very smooth and silent rows. The flywheel sits in a closed tank that is filled with water. Each pull features self-regulated, smooth and quiet resistance.

The water-based flywheel is designed to mimic the dynamics of a boat that’s moving in the water. This delivers the optimal physical and physiological benefits of rowing. The WaterRower’s flywheel designed is patented and dubbed as one of the best designs.

The machine is also fitted with an impressive Series 4 performance monitor that allows you to conveniently track your workout progress. You can read your stroke rate, heart rate, workout intensity, calories burnt, and so many other parameters on the performance screen. This WaterRower natural rowing machine with an s4 monitor is the ultimate rowing machine.

waterrower natural rowing machine

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One of the most striking features of the WaterRower rowing machine is the honey oak frame. This solid-ash stained honey oak frame is incredibly beautiful. Honey oak is a high-quality hardwood. You would certainly love to have this rowing machine sitting somewhere in your house. The wooden frame also helps to absorb the sound and vibrations, make the rowing machine a lot less noisy and a lot more stable.

The rowing machine is very strong and has a maximum weight capacity of 1000 pounds. That is quite impressive, given most metal framed rowing machine have a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds. The frame also features dual rails that have four corner wheels. This corner wheels increase seat stability, and they effectively reduce sweat buildup.

The frame can flip upright to make it space-efficient and easy to store. You will not have to worry that you do not have enough space for the rowing machine back at home. It is quite easy to tuck it away while it is folded up. The rowing machine comes with a one-year warranty for both the parts and the frame. It is a very durable rowing machine and will serve you for long if you take good care of it. It is indeed the best water rower you can get your hands on.

waterrower natural rowing machine

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Below is a summary of the pros and cons of the WaterRower rowing machine.


• The rowing machine delivers very smooth and quiet rows
• The flowing movement puts less strain on your joints and works your muscles at the same time
• It is a strong and durable rowing machine
• The rowing machine has very impressive aesthetics
• The LCD screen allows you to conveniently track your workout progress
• The machine works all your body muscles
• It ensures you remain comfortable throughout your workout


• It is an expensive rowing machine

waterrower natural rowing machine

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For a rowing machine that is handcrafted, you expect nothing less of perfection. The WaterRower does not disappoint in any regard. It is worth every single cent that you pay for it. You’ll get a rowing machine that allows you to work out perfectly, and one that looks like a gem. It would be interesting to see a WaterRower vs concept 2 comparison.


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