velocity fitness chr 301 rowing machineThe Velocity Fitness CHR-301 is an all-round and very practical rowing machine. It is one of Velocity Fitness’s masterpieces. This rowing machine is the one that has built a name for the Velocity Fitness brand. A person who has never had the chance to shop for a rowing machine could easily pass up on it as just any other regular rowing machine. That would be wrong and we are just about to find out why.

This is a comprehensive review of the Velocity Fitness CHR 301 rowing machine. The review will explore the various impressive features of the Velocity CHR 301 rowing machine, as well as its pros and cons. The aim of the review is to ensure you understand what makes the Velocity Fitness CHR-301 such an impressive rowing machine, and how you can use it best.

Velocity Fitness CHR-301 Review

The Velocity Fitness CHR-301 though not from a popular brand, it a top of the range rowing machine. It is up there with the best rowing machines on the market. The rowing machine is designed to deliver the ultimate user convenience, and high impact exercise as well. This combination is quite rare, and many exercise machine always gives you one at the expense of the other. Below we explore some of the impressive features of this Velocity rowing machine.


This velocity exercise magnetic rower features an aluminum rail that ensures the machine is lightweight yet strong and sturdy. One of the most impressive features of the machine is the chain drive flywheel that. It delivers 16 levels of resistance, which makes the machine quite versatile. It can be used by different people with different levels of fitness.

velocity fitness chr 301 rowing machine

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The machine is fitted with an imposing electronic monitor that has 12 inbuilt user programs. You can use these expert-developed programs to ensure you work out efforts are productive and impactful. The monitor also tracks and displays times, work out intensity, calories burnt, pulse and many other essential workout statistics.

The frame features adjustable footrests which ensure your feet are held in a perfect position and you are able to row comfortably. The adjustability of the footrests also makes the machine quite versatile since it can be used by people of different heights.

The Velocity Fitness CHR 301 rowing machine is foldable and quite easy to store. You should not shy away from buying it just because you think you do not have enough space for it back at home. Once you are done exercising, you can conveniently fold it, and tuck it away in a safe place. It occupies very little space while folded up.

velocity fitness chr 301 rowing machine

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Last but not least, it is important to mention that this rowing machine offers a full body workout. The machine allows you to work your legs, your mid-section, and your arms. Whether you are looking to tone down or you are looking to build some muscle mass, this rowing machine will certainly do the trick for you.


• The velocity exercise rowing machine is very strong and durable
• It is conveniently foldable.
• It offers full body workouts
• The velocity fitness rowing machine has very quiet rows
• The electronic monitor is very convenient
• It is a versatile machine that is ideal for a family home


• The 90-day warranty for the parts is rather short
• Assembling and disassembling the machine is a bit of a headache

velocity fitness chr 301 rowing machine

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It is quite evident that the pros of the Velocity Fitness CHR-301 far outweigh the cons. It is indeed a very impressive rowing machine. The machine has all the features and capacities you would want on and effective rowing machine, and it is quite easy to handle. Anyone would certainly love to have this masterpiece at their homes.