Meet Our Team

1. Gloria Chelimo, Physical Fitness Expert

I am a natural content writer with a bachelor’s degree in physical education from the University of Nairobi. Being on the frontline in the fight against lifestyle diseases has been a driving force for me in providing information related to physical fitness.

Physical fitness is an integral part for leading a healthy life. Although challenging and hard to do, physical fitness has immense benefits if done consistently and regularly. I learned this a long time ago. Growing up, I became an athlete and have been involved in various marathons locally. I haven’t won any, but I believe I have won on other fronts. For example, becoming fit.

I am a staunch gym enthusiast and when I’m not working, I’m somewhere in the gym. I have come to learn that with physical fitness, comes a long healthy life. I have trained a surfeit of people in physical fitness and nothing gives me joy to see even an old person determined to be fit.

I therefore dare to put such information here and share it with our audience. I want to help them discover the importance of physical fitness. I want you to love the gym.

2. Quincy Timberlake

Hello. I am an experienced blogger with extensive knowledge on content creation. I have done this for the past 5 years now. Over the years, I have developed a liking towards product reviews and product illustration.

Growing up, I once came across a product review that only gave half the information about the product. This led me to buy the wrong product, and you can imagine how disappointing that is. So any product review I write, I make sure to provide every detail as I know exactly what a consumer would experience were they to be misled.

I have a bachelor’s degree in arts, and I have majored in communication. I handle most of the product reviews here. I take time to learn about the product, and where possible, use them myself.

I am an enthusiast of product creation. I have done product description for various companies but my feet are fully rooted here. I believe you will not be disappointed with our product reviews.

3. Samuel Jayson

Hello. I’m a dietician and nutritionist with a bachelor’s degree on the same. I love food, and I think had I not pursued a career in nutrition, I’d be a chef.

Our bodies are made up of the food we eat. That’s why a majority of diseases are associated with the food we take. I therefore find it easy to talk about food and how we can use it to manage our health.

I have grown to love the healing power of food and I’d like to disseminate such information to our audience. My enthusiasm and education coupled with my love for food allows me to call myself somewhat of a nutrition expert

Every detail I put down about nutrition has been well researched, tested, and gone through multiple editing levels to bring you only genuine authentic information. I aim to help you make the right food choices. Keep an eye here for freshest recipes and food insights.

4. Dr. Brad Holister

I am an expert when it comes to dealing with lifestyle diseases as I’ve been down that road before. I was once fighting a chronic disease and my experience gave me enough insight on how to deal with lifestyle diseases.

I took it upon myself to ensure that I gathered as much information about these diseases. I have pursued a degree in medicine. Currently, I’m a Doctor at a local hospital, but I provide content here to help our audience traverse the lifestyle diseases sector.

Currently, lifestyle diseases are the top leading cause of deaths in the world. One of the reason for such a pandemic is because of negligence of information. My dream is therefore to see such information disseminated as much as possible to reduce the prevalence of such diseases.

With my constant encounter with patients, I have been able to be directly involved with lifestyle diseases and therefore my content is first hand. So you can rest assured of well researched information about lifestyle diseases and how to notice them and guard yourself from them.

5. Samedi Johnson

Hey, I’m the chief innovation officer here. I’m mostly involved with ideation of new content and strategies to boost our readership experience. I have mastered massive skills important in the online field.

I am involved with coming up with content targeting current trends. I have a degree in information technology, so I know a lot about technology. I give insights about the medical world’s technology and current ways of dealing with diseases.

I love the medical field as I get to actively be involved in helping people deal with diseases. My dream is to see each and every person leading a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I’ve put it upon myself to research in-depth knowledge on new inventions in the medical industry that can help cure certain diseases believed to be almost incurable.

I am your go-to person when it comes to matters innovation. You can be rest assured that you will be on the frontline with new ways of leading a healthy life.

6. Lupita Nyongo

I am a well-versed content provider that has seen my passion lean directly to the health field. I have come to consider myself as guiding light when it comes to providing information around health. I believe every person should take charge of their health. That’s why I put so much effort in providing indelible content for our audience.

Being a social media strategist on the one hand has given me the ability to come up with trending topics around health. It is this information that can help someone somewhere around the globe. So, yes, you’re guaranteed of new trendy current information.

Born and raised in Mexico, my love for content writing and especially in the health sector emanated from seeing fellow countrymen suffer from lack of knowledge. I took it upon myself to ensure such information is available.

I have written for several organizations including The Times, Healthline, Washington Post, R29 and much more. My wealth of experience guarantees you of well-researched engaging content.