stamina x air rowing machineThe Stamina X Air is one impressive rowing machine. Stamina is one of the most renowned brands of exercise equipment. You can be certain the Stamina X Air rowing machine will not disappoint in any way. If you have never had a chance to purchase or use a rowing machine before, you might not be able to tell what makes a great rowing machine. You need not worry though. The following is a comprehensive review of the Stamina rowing machine.

The aim of the review is to help you understand why the Stamina X Air is such an impressive rowing machine, and how to best use it. The stamina x air rower review will explore the various features of this incredible rowing machine, as well as its pros and cons. Let’s dive in and explore this amazing exercise machine.

Stamina X Air Rowing Machine Review

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The Stamina X Air rower is not any other ordinary rowing machine. This is the machine to go for if you want to take your fitness a notch higher. The machine is designed to ensure you can really attack your core muscles. It is made for high-intensity training and tough exercises.

No need to worry though:

The machine is can be easily adjusted, and it is therefore quite versatile. It will still do the trick if you are looking to engage in low-impact exercises. It comes with a string of incredible features, and a build that is made to last.

We explore some of the features below.


The Stamina X Air features air resistance rowing that is designed to deliver high levels of resistance when it’s needed. One of its most impressive features is the smooth and perfectly molded seat. It moves seamlessly along the steel frame ensuring your row is very seamless. The rowing handle is well padded and the steel frame has some pivoting foot plates. The pivoting footplates allow you to anchor your legs properly as you row. This ensures you work out your core leg muscles during each row as well.

stamina x air rowing machine

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Nothing can beat the constructed and outfitted steel frame of the Stamina X Air rowing machine. The flywheel and rowing cable are quite durable as well. The machine has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. You can be certain you will be exercising on the machine for ages. The rowing machine also comes with a multi-function monitor from which you can observe your work out parameters, or play some music. This will certainly keep you motivated as you exercise.

Storage space is often a source of concern for many people while buying an exercise machine. You do not have to worry even if you do not have much space at home. The Stamina X rowing machine has a foldable frame, that makes it easy to tuck away the machine while you are not using it. It makes it quite compact for the time when you need to travel around with it.

stamina x air rowing machine

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Below is a summary of the pros and cons of this impressive rowing machine.


• The multi-function monitor allows you to keep track of your progress
• The foldable frame ensures you can keep the machine even when you have limited space
• The padded rowing handle ensures you can maintain a strong and comfortable grip
• The rowing machine is compact and very durable
• The seat is perfectly molded to ensure you remain comfortable throughout your workout.


• The pull handle is so low. Tall people might find it difficult to row properly on the machine.

stamina x air rowing machine

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Despite a few misgivings, the Stamina X rower is not a rowing machine that can be ignored. It is particularly ideal for anyone who is looking to engage in some very intense workouts. You do not always have to go to a crowded gym to get your fit. The Stamina X Air can certainly get you a step closer.