stamina 1110 magnetic rowing machineStamina is one of the most renowned brands of fitness equipment. Stamina never compromises on the quality of its equipment, and the case is no different with the Stamina 1110 Rowing machine. It is a masterpiece and delivers one of the most impressive performances. The Stamina 110 Rowing machine is one you should never pass up on when shopping for fitness equipment. We are just about to find out why.

The following is a comprehensive review of the Stamina 1110 rowing machine. This stamina magnetic rowing machine 1110 review will explore the various features of this impressive rowing machine, as well as its pros and cons. The aim of the review is to ensure you understand why the Stamina 1110 Rowing Machine is one of our top picks. You will also find out how best you can use the rowing machine. Tag along through one of the best stamina 1110 magnetic rowing machine reviews.

Stamina 1110 Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

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The Stamina Magnetic rowing machine lives up to the good name of stamina fitness equipment. It comes with some of the best features you will find on any rowing machine. Stamina seems to have put their best foot forward in developing this rowing machine. This rowing machine is designed to deliver highly impactful rowing exercises but remains user-friendly. Below we explore some of its very impressive features.


The Stamina 1110 rowing machine has an aluminum rowing beam and frame. That’s always good news since aluminum is a very strong and durable material, but it quite lightweight as well. The machine features a magnetic resistance system that has 8 levels of resistance. The resistance system is fitted with ball bearing to ensure every row is as smooth as it can be. The 8 levels of resistance are also enough to make the machine quite versatile, and usable by people with different levels of fitness.

stamina 1110 magnetic rowing machine

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The other very impressive and imposing feature of the stamina magnetic rower 1110 is the multi-purpose electronic monitor that is placed right in front of the user’s eyes. This is to ensure you can easily follow up on your workout progress. The monitor displays essential statistics about your workout such as calories burnt, strokes per minute, workout time and distance.

The pivoting footplates of the rowing machine are perfectly placed to ensure each row is as impactful as possible, but also very smooth. Their perfect positioning helps to ensure that each row hits the right muscles. The rowing machine also boasts of a perfectly padded seat that is quite comfortable. The rowing handle has an ergonomic design, and it is padded with memory form to ensure you can maintain a strong and comfortable grip at all times.

Other impressive features of the rowing machine are the bottle holders. These can hold drinks or cellphones while you work out. The machine also has caster wheels that make it incredibly easy to move the machine when need be. The wheels need to be locked while you are working out on the machine though.

stamina 1110 magnetic rowing machine

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We could go on and on about the impressive features of this rowing machine, but it is quite evident that it stands out. Below is a summary of its pros and cons. You will notice that the pros far outweigh the cons, therefore, making it a very ideal rowing machine. Many stamina rower reviews have it as a top rated rowing machine.


• The rowing machine is incredibly easy to handle
• It delivers full body workouts
• It has a strong and durable built
• The magnetic resistance system is very quiet
• It is a very versatile rowing machine.
• The perfectly molded seats and handles ensure you are comfortable throughout the workout
• The multi-function monitor is very convenient


• Assembling the machine is a bit of a headache especially for people who are not hands on.
• The bottle holders cannot hold bottles of different sizes

stamina 1110 magnetic rowing machine

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The stamina magnetic rowing machine 1110 is a great deal for less than $500. It is going to be a while before you find a better rowing machine for less than that. It is indeed one of the best rowing machines that you can get your hands on. The stamina 1110 magnetic rowing machine manual can help with the assembly. You don’t have to worry much about it.


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