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We understand negative effects and damages that drug abuse can do. We put our best foot forward in trying to rehabilitate people who have been caught up in drug addiction. We help them overcome their addiction and get back up in their lives. We seek to empower more people to get involved in these endeavors too. We are seeking for energetic young people who are willing and have the drive to get involved in the fight against drug addiction and abuse. We shall be awarding an annual scholarship to one college student who has enough drive and willingness to take on the tough challenge.

We are looking forward to launching the RainyDayFitness.com Drug Addict Rehabilitation Scholarship. We have a $1500 annual scholarship that will be awarded to a college student involved in drug abuse and eradication endeavors and related studies

Scholarship Vision

The scholarship is part of our efforts to eradicate drug abuse and addiction. The scholarship seeks to empower young and energetic persons who are willing to be on the frontline in fighting for a drug abuse society. The effects caused by drug addiction all over the world need no explanation. Through, empowering people with the drive to help, we inspire them to double their efforts. Larger strides will be made towards achieving a drug-free society in that essence. The scholarship might not be much, but it can certainly make a difference. The eligible person must be proven to be a person of good moral standing.

Terms and Conditions

  • Judging will be based on the quality of the submitted application, which will include a short, 1000 word or less essay on “Why drug addiction has continued to plague societies despite efforts to eradicate the menace”
  • A continuing college student or a prospective freshman (to be enrolled (2018-2019) in good academic standing)
  • Going to any 2 year or 4-year accredited college or university as a full-time student
  • The RainyDayFitness.com Drug Addict Rehabilitation Scholarship will offer $1500 to the winner. The funds are meant for academic-related expenses such as boarding, tuition, and books.

Scholarship Requirements

  • The prospective winner of the scholarship shall be required to demonstrate drive and zeal towards eradicating drug abuse and helping people caught up in drug addiction.
  • We are looking for a person who can demonstrate creative, actionable steps towards eradicating the drug menace that has plagued millions across the world.
  • To be eligible, you have to be a continuing student in 2 to 4-year accredited college, or a prospective freshman.
  • You will also be required to prove a good academic standing.
  • The prospective winner of the scholarship will have demonstrated knowledge, will and drive towards this noble cause.

How it Works

  • Check your eligibility
  • Fill the application and submit
  • You will be contacted as soon as the results are available

How We Review Your Application

Once your application is received, we will review it and let you know as soon as we have the results. The review involves an evaluation of your academic credentials, the essay, and motivation towards ending the drug menace.

Scholarship Details:

  • Applications accepted from (1st Jan, 2019) for awards the coming year
  • Deadline Date: (1st March, 2019)
  • Selection Date: (31st March, 2019)
  • Announcement Date: As soon as the recipient is informed and eligibility is ascertained
  • Amount: $1500
  • Duration: One-Time Payment
  • Number of Recipients: 1 per year

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