best Recumbent BikeLosing weight is one of the most desired things in the 21st century. It is the main goal in many people’s life radar. Stationary exercise bikes are great since you can just have them indoors, and exercise at your own convenience if you are into bike riding. They might not have the same thrill as normal bikes because they are not moving, but they are certainly very effective as far as weight loss is concerned. If you use your exercise bike properly, you should be able to shed off some excess weight. Modern exercise bikes have very many exciting features, ensure you have a blissful time while exercising on them.

We seek to ensure you are able to lose weight in a healthy way. We spend time exploring various gym equipment and how it can help you shed off the extra weight. This is a comprehensive guide on how to use the exercise bike to lose weight. The guide will outline a routine you can engage in, to ensure you get the best results from your work out. Working out is tough and excruciating at times. It would be a shame to have to endure all that stress for nothing.

How to Lose Weight Using Exercise Bike

You need to have a clear workout program and routine, while exercising with the exercise bike, just like with any other gym equipment. A 145 lb person could lose approximately 231 calories pedaling lightly on the bike for 30 minutes, or 374 calories pedaling vigorously for the same amount of time. You can consult a specialist to know how much you could lose. It all depends on your basal metabolic rate. Follow the routine below for optimal results.

  • Start the exercise by warming up with tensionless pedaling for up to 5 minutes. Add a little bit of tension to the pedals and continue pedaling smoothly on the bike.
  • Now engage the hill climb mode, and start increasing the intensity of your pedaling in 1-minute intervals. The bike will keep gradually increasing the tension on the pedals and it will feel as if you are climbing a hill. Try not to decrease the intensity before the five minutes elapses. Just maintain it if you cannot kick it up a notch higher.
  • Return to the slow tensionless pedaling after the 5 minutes of intense tensioned pedaling. Repeat the whole warm up routine, and give your body and legs time to rejuvenate. Repeat this circuit for at least three times, and ensure you close off with a 5-minute cooldown of soft tensionless pedaling.
  • You should see some results if you keep engaging the routine regularly. Of course, your diet will play a huge role in your success. Understand how much calories you can burn in a day, and ensure you take in way less calories than you burn. As you continue to get fit, your basal metabolic rate will improve, and you will be able to burn more calories with the same exercises. They key is consistency.

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