The Kettler Coach M Rowing machine is a masterpiece. It is not just any other ordinary rowing machine. This rowing machine comes with some of the best features you can find on a rowing machine. It features cutting edge technology and an almost unrivalled performance. You may not understand much about the performance of a rowing machine, or what to look for when go shopping for one. You do not have to worry about that though.

kettler coach m rowing machine reviewThe following is a comprehensive review of the Kettler Coach rowing machine. The review seeks to explore the various features of the rowing machine, as well as its pros and cons. This aim of the kettler coach m review is to ensure you put the Kettler Coach M rowing machines as one of your top options when you decide to go purchase one. The kettler coach rowing machine review will expound on why it is such an impressive rowing machine, and where it is best suited.

Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine Review

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The Kettler Rowing Machine is a high-performance machine that is designed for indoor exercises. This indoor rower comes with some very exciting features and a performance like no other. You would certainly be proud if you had one of this at your home. Below we explore some of the features that make it such an incredible rowing machine.


The Kettler Coach M Indoor Rowing Machine has a center pull oar and a manual resistance system. It features 10 levels of resistance. This range is wide enough to accommodate persons with different fitness levels. Each row delivers a high impact effect on every core muscle on your body. It is a full body workout machine.

The Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine is made of chrome plated steel rails. These rails are quite long and will allow even the tallest people to conveniently train on the rowing machine. The machine is fitted with high-quality ball bearings to ensure one glides effortlessly along the rails as they row.

kettler coach m rowing machine review

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The kettler coach m rower comes with a separate backboard and footplate that you can attach and be able to carry out up to 16 different kinds of exercises. This machine can offer you a wholesome work out session. These exercises are quite diverse and would fit many workout goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone your body, or gain some muscle, this machine will certainly do the trick for you.

The other impressive feature is the LCD monitor that displays essential statistics about your work out progress. The monitor displays your heart rate, amount of calories burnt, workout intensity, and may other workout parameters. This helps you to gauge the effectiveness of your workout efforts and adjust accordingly if you need to.

kettler coach m rowing machine review

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The manufactures of this rowing machine believe in it so much that they offer a lifetime warranty of the frame. You can be certain that it will not bend, or break at any point. The other parts of the rowing machine including the electronic parts have a 3-year warranty. That’s is still quite an impressive warranty.


• The machine is very robust and durable
• It offers a full body workout
• The machine’s seat and handlebars feel very comfortable
• It has very smooth glides
• It is quite versatile. It can be used by people of different sizes and fitness levels


• The machine is a bit expensive as compared to other rowing machines.

kettler coach m rowing machine review

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If you can afford to buy the Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine, its price should not be a bone of contention for any reason whatsoever. This machine is incredible, and arguably one of the best rowing machines on the market. It is worth every penny that it costs. After going through this kettler rowing machine review, you should not pass up on the chance of getting one of these rowing machines.


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