The Elliptical machine and treadmill are some of the most prominent workout equipment in any gym. Those enthusiastic about cardio workouts flock onto these machines flock onto them hoping to lose the extra pounds. There is a looming debate about which one among the two is much more effective for losing weight. Some of the conclusions made are based on myths and misconceptions. You need to know how each machine helps you before you hop on it. Both are very important and have a tremendous effect on your body if you use them properly.

We seek to ensure we can help you work out properly and effectively. We want to ensure your time and experience at the gym is fruitful. This is a comprehensive guide, that compares an Elliptical machine and a treadmill. Both machines are for cardio exercises, but how do they compare against each other. Let’s expound on the operation and benefits of each so that we can make a logical decision.

The Elliptical Machine

Best Elliptical Exercise MachineThe Elliptical machine is a cardio workout machine, that helps you move both your feet and arms in symmetrical motion. This machine is a great way of exercising to lose belly fat. You are in control of the speed of the machine depending on your strength and the intensity of the workout you want.

The Elliptical machine can be a bit difficult to work with if you have never stepped on one before. It should not be very difficult to get started though. Place your fit at the center of the feet pads, and grip the handlebars. Start pedaling slowly until you get comfortable with the leg motions. Now start moving the handlebars, and ensure both the feet and arm movements are synchronized. The elliptical machine is quite safe as you remain in control of the machine at all times.

It is a great workout machine for people with joint problems or obese people. It is a low impact machine, but it is very effective for burning calories. You won’t have to worry about pains afterward.

The Treadmill

Best Treadmill

The Treadmill is a cardio workout machine that simulates running. You will be basically running, only that you are not moving. You can set the machine to move as fast, or as slow as you want to. A treadmill is a high impact workout machine. It is ideal for persons who have more controls over their bodies. The machine can help you burn incredible amounts of calories. You got to have the energy, passion, and will for it though.

You need to be careful if you have never stepped on a treadmill before. Start slow and pick up the speed slowly. The treadmill requires that you move at the same speed at which it is moving. If you move slower, you will fall.

Elliptical vs. Treadmill

The Elliptical machine involves low-impact exercises, while the treadmill is a high impact cardio workout machine. The elliptical machine helps you work out your upper body and lower body. On the other hand, the treadmill has more effect on the lower body than the upper body. Overall, the Elliptical machine is the best option for a complete beginner, who is embarking on the journey to lose weight. Once he/she has attained more control of their body, they can then get on the treadmill.

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