best elliptical machines for seniorsExcessive weight gain is one of the biggest challenges being faced today, all around the world. Weight and body fat loss is now more difficult than before. The processed foods people are eating cause high acceleration of fat and weight gain. Losing that fat requires a great deal of work. One of the most effective ways of losing body fat is using the Elliptical. It is one of the top ways to burn those calories. You want to burn as many calories as possible in a day if you are seeking to lose to some fat.

We are enthusiastic about healthy living and exercises. We seek to advise and inform people of the various ways in which they can stay healthy. This is a comprehensive guide of how you can use the Elliptical to lose some body fat. Losing body fat will keep you away from a lot of health challenges. Hopping on the elliptical machine regularly, and combining that exercise with the right diet, will help you get rid of that annoying belly fat.

How To Use The Elliptical For Fat Loss

best economical elliptical machineAn Elliptical machine is a great tool for cardio exercises. Cardio is renowned for its ability to help you lose weight, more than any other type of exercises. Cardio exercises on the Elliptical are particularly great for belly fat loss. When your calorie intake is high than the rate at which you burn the calories, the excess fat is normally stored in the midsection. That’s what accumulates into belly fat after a short while. The Harvard medical school found that a 160-pound person could burn 345 calories while working out on the elliptical for 30 minutes. Follow the guidelines below for best weight loss results with the elliptical.

  • Step on the elliptical machine, and ensure your feet are squarely resting on the middle of the feet pads. Grab the handlebars, and keep them static until you are comfortable with your feet movement. You can now start moving the handlebars too, in synchronization with your feet movement.
  • Start with a slow pace to warm up. Keep going softly for five minutes, before you pick up the pace and increase the intensity. Push yourself up to the maximum of your intensity, and keep the pace going for one minute.
  • Slow down again and stroll for another two minutes to rejuvenate, before picking up the pace and increasing intensity yet again. Keep doing this for 30 minutes. Ensure you close off the routine with a 5-minute cooldown stroll.

The Elliptical machine is better for burning belly fat than any other machine in a gym. It works on both your upper and lower body. This means that more of your muscles are working. When more of your muscles are working, you will be able to burn more calories. The elliptical does not have a high impact too. It is, therefore, a great option for overweight persons, as well as those with joint problems. They can work out without experiencing pain.

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