Best TrampolineChildren love trampolines. Trampolines are common in circuses, and they make the children look forward to next visit. Having a trampoline at home make your home fun for your children, and even you too. Home trampolines are a fairly new thing. Many people are continuing to appreciate the fun that comes with having the best trampoline at home. Your children get to keep fit and have fun while jumping on the trampoline. It is a great a great way to have them let some steam off and relax. Playing on a trampoline is more beneficial to them than playing video games.

There are many different types of trampoline available for purchase. As more and more people buy them for their homes and fun events, manufacturers of trampolines have equally become many. Knowing which is the best trampoline brand may not be very easy. If you have never had one at home, it would be next to impossible for you to tell what the best trampoline 2020 entails. There aren’t many trampoline reviews either. You need to understand the features of a trampoline for you to be in a better position to purchase the best one. You do not want a trampoline that comes crashing down with the first jump.

This is a review of a number of trampolines that we have established are great. The review will highlight their respective features, pros, and cons. The aim is to help you make an informed choice, next time you are looking for a trampoline. It would be a shame to get a trampoline that cannot last. Tag along and let’s get you the best trampoline. First, below is a comparison table of the various trampolines featured.

20 Best Trampolines 2020 (2020 New Additions)

NameWeight Capacity (pounds)Jumping Pad SpacePrice
Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round20053.5’’ diameterCheck Price
JumpSport 220 Trampoline200485 square inches areaCheck Price
SkyBound Stratos Trampoline33010ft 5’’ diameterCheck Price
Zupapa Trampoline37512ft diameterCheck Price
Little Tikes Trampoline5536’’ diameterCheck Price
Skywalker Feet Dump N’junkTrampoline200108.3’’ diameterCheck Price
JumpSport 350 Trampoline225485 square inches areaCheck Price
Skywalker Rectangular Trampoline330153.2’’ length
76.4 ‘’ width
Check Price
JumpSportAlleyOOP Variable bounce Trampoline295144’’ diameterCheck Price
Upper Bounce Trampoline33073.23’’ diameterCheck Price
SKYTRIC Trampoline33073.23’’ diameterCheck Price

New Edition: 9 More Newly Added Products (Updated February 2020) By Our Experts

best trampoline12) Springfree Springless Trampoline: The Springfree Trampoline comes in an oval round square shape.  It is a springless trampoline with a large safety enclosure. It also comes with a basketball hoop and ladder. The trampoline is great for both adults and kids. It has no hard edges and its enclosure is quite flexible.

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The trampoline can accommodate a jumper weight of 250 pounds and has a load capacity of 1100 pounds. It comes with a 10-year warranty on all parts. The parts are all double powder coated and have galvanized steel frame to ensure the last long.  The net and mats are made of a polypropylene material that is UV resistant.

best trampoline13) ORCC Kids Trampoline: The ORCC kids trampoline is a TUV certified yard trampoline. The trampoline’s frame is made of heavy-duty steel and is rust resistant. The trampoline features 108 7-inch galvanized springs that give it a high and quality bounce. The jumping mat is made of heavy-duty polypropylene material that has UV protection.

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The trampoline has a weight capacity of 330 lbs. The enclosure is made of pole sleeves that are padded with 10mm thick form to ensure they do not pose any dangers to the kids. The kids will not get injured when they bump themselves against the poles.

best trampoline14) Happy Trampoline: The happy trampoline will indeed bring happiness to your home. It is a large trampoline with a weight capacity of 550 pounds. It features full galvanized springs that can withstand heavy loads. The trampoline comes with 9-inch-long galvanized springs, which are arguably the largest springs you will find on any trampoline. You can be certain of a high and quality bounce on the happy trampoline.

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It is a large rectangle trampoline with a net enclosure to ensure safety for kids. The trampoline comes with a lifetime warranty on all its parts. The frame is made of 1.5 mm steel. The trampoline features a patented heavy duty stabilizer that ensures it remains stable and robust at all times. The whole frame is galvanized to avoid rusting.

best trampoline15) Shaofu 40″ Rebounder Trampoline: The Shaofu 40’’ rebounder trampoline is yet another exciting trampoline for the kids. It is a relatively small trampoline that is foldable. It can handle a wait of up to 300 pounds. The trampoline features a heavy-duty steel frame construction, and propylene jumping mat that is UV resistant. The trampoline has 40 tightly coiled rust-resistant springs that deliver a good bounce.

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The trampoline is foldable, and therefore quite easy to store. It is a great option if you have limited space at your home. It is fitted with a 32-inch stabilizing bar that allows kids to maintain their balance and coordination while on the trampoline. That ensures they remain safe at all times.

best trampoline16) Merax 15 ft. Trampoline: The Merax is a 15 feet trampoline whose features give priority to safety. The trampoline is designed for kids. It is a great trampoline for kids’ basketball hooping. It comes with a six feet safety enclosure and heavy gauge galvanized rust-resistant frame. The trampoline also features 54 padded steel pulse and an extra thick ball to ensure maximum support.  The jumping mat and the enclosure net are all UV resistant to ensure they last longer and are safe for the kids.

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The trampoline features 108 galvanized springs which are securely tightened to the jumping mat and the frame. The trampoline has a rust proof frame that will stay in good condition for a very long time. It has a weight capacity of 375 lbs.

best trampoline17) Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline: The upper bounce is yet another incredible trampoline. It is designed for kids. This rectangular trampoline is quite spacious and comes with a fibreflex enclosure. The frame is made of heavy-duty coated steel, and it is enclosed with premium terylene mesh net that is UV resistant.

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The trampoline features a double jumping mat which is made of a premium polypropylene material with 8 rows of stitches. This ensures the jumping mat remains strong and is free from tearing. The trampoline has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. It is exciting for adults just as much as it is for kids.

best trampoline18) Jumpsport 10’x17′ Staged bounce: The Jumpsport Staged bounce features a rectangular jumping surface and safety enclosure. The trampoline features high stretch springs to ensure a smooth and safe bounce. It is best for beginners and budding gymnasts.  It is a great trampoline for training cheerleaders as well.

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The trampoline has met all the ASTM standards. It has been certified as safe and high quality. The trampoline has a frame made of double truss heavy duty cold rolled steel that ensures strength and durability.

best trampoline19) Exacme High Weight Limit Trampoline: The Exacme high weight is the ultimate trampoline if you’re looking for a large and strong trampoline. It features a safety pad and a net enclosure that comes with a ladder and basketball hoop. The trampoline is TUV certified. TUV certification guarantees the safety and quality of a product.

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The trampoline has high weight galvanized springs that can support a weight of up to 398 pounds. The jumping mat has no gap, and it is made of high-quality UV resistant polypropylene. All the parts of the trampoline come with a 1-year warranty. The trampoline arrives in parts but is quite easy to assemble.

best trampoline20) Beast Trampoline: The beast trampoline is an exciting large trampoline that can hold a couple of people. The trampoline features 110 galvanized extra thick springs that deliver a strong, robust, and safe bounce. It also features a premium enclosure that is UV resistant to ensure it lasts long and does not get too hot.

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The polypropylene jumping mat is quite strong and durable as well. It comes pre-assembled to the bungee cords to ensure it remains safe for the users. The trampoline has satisfied all ASTM safety requirements. A free ladder is always added to the package. Make sure yours arrives with one.

20 Best Trampolines 2020 Reviews

1) Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round – Best Trampoline

best trampolineThe name of the trampoline gets you excited straight away. Right? You might wonder though, are Skywalker trampolines good? The trampoline is certainly worthy of its name. It delivers amazing bounce and has plenty of room. You can place it in your backyard and have fun whenever you need to. The trampoline has a spring pad with a net enclosure all around. It has a galvanized rust-resistant steel frame. The trampoline is best suited for persons above the age of six. It has a weight capacity of 200 lbs.


  • It has T-sockets that stabilize the upper enclosure.
  • The frame is made of high gauge galvanized steel
  • It has a weight capacity of 200lbs
  • It has a base circumference of 15ft


  • The trampoline has enough room.
  • the frame is very strong and rust-free
  • The net enclosure protects the user from falling and getting injured.
  • The T-sockets are very convenient. They prevent structural twisting.


  • The trampoline has a low weight capacity. Several adults cannot get on the trampoline.


The Skywalker trampoline seems like a great trampoline. The weight capacity is capped at a low level. However, customer reviews indicate that the trampoline can comfortably handle higher weights. The trampoline is designed for young children though. They are likely to have more fun with this trampoline than anyone else. The reviews on Amazon about the Skywalker trampoline are overwhelmingly positive. The trampoline has enough space and is durable. These are two of the most fundamental features of a great trampoline. This trampoline should be among your options.

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2) JumpSport 220 Fitness Best Trampoline

best trampoline to buyThe JumpSport trampoline is a top-rated trampoline for its safety and durability. The trampoline is equipped with effective bungees that ensure it delivers enough bounce. The trampoline has no-tip arched legs that deliver amazing stability. It comes with a workout music DVD to ensure you stay motivated when working out. The trampoline works with 30 double EnduroLast-cords that ensure a smooth and strong bounce.


  • The trampoline has a 32.5’’ diameter permatron mat.
  • It has a weight limit of 225 lbs.
  • It comes with 30 EnduroLast cords
  • It has no-tip arched legs.


  • The trampoline has smooth bounce.
  • The materials used make it very durable
  • It comes while fully assembled
  • The trampoline is very stable.


  • The weight limit is a bit low. Two adults may not be able to use the trampoline at the same time.
  • The space on the jumping mat is rather small
  • It has no enclosure. This may pose a danger, especially to children. They can easily fall and get injured.


The JumpSport trampoline seems like a fantastic trampoline, but suitable for use by an adult. It is one of the best rated trampolines. It is a single person trampoline. It is space efficient, which is always a very desirable feature. It has a great option for your workouts. Whether its cardio or weight loss exercises, you will find this trampoline very resourceful. It has impressive reviews on Amazon too. The durability and smooth bounces are its biggest leverage over other trampolines. It should feature high on your list of options. This could be described as the best mini trampoline for exercise.

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3) SkyBound Stratos Trampoline

trampolines best priceThe Skybound Stratos trampoline is yet another top of the range trampoline. The versatility of this trampoline is amazing. The trampoline has enhanced safety, strong springs for a smooth bounce and a high weight capacity. You can have fun on the trampoline with your family. The frame comes with a 10-year warranty. This further cements the trust that the manufacturers have on the durability of the trampoline. It has a spacious jumping mat; enough will easily accommodate several persons. Trampoline jumping has never been this fun.


  • It has 12 safety enclosure poles with a net
  • It has 8.5’’ springs
  • It has a weight capacity of 330lbs.
  • It has 6 W-shaped legs for maximum stability


  • The trampoline is very spacious.
  • It has a very durable steel frame.
  • The enclosure provides ample protection
  • It has a high weight capacity. Multiple persons can be accommodated.


  • You have to go through the hassles of assembling the trampoline. You may have to incur extra costs if you can’t do it yourself.
  • The trampoline is not space efficient. You need to ensure you have enough space to store it.


The Skybound Stratos trampoline is a fantastic trampoline. It does not seem to disappoint in most aspects. It has enough room. It is strong and durable. All these are trademarks of a great trampoline. You can always get a technician to complete the installation for you if you are not sure you can do it yourself. It is a family trampoline. You can get on it with your children, have fun and bond together. You could say it’s the trampoline that brings the family back together. It should not miss at the top of your list of options. This is one of the safest trampolines.

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4) Zupapa Trampoline

trampoline reviewsThe Zupapa trampoline is yet another large heavy-duty trampoline. It is suitable for family and heavy people. The trampoline has ample safety measures to ensure nobody gets injured. The galvanized steel frame will last for decades. The jumping mat is covered with a UV light absorber to ensure it lasts long too. Zupapa trampoline has a 10-year warranty for the frame, and a 2-year warranty for the net and jumping mat. It comes with a ladder to the pad to make it easy for you to get on it.


  • The trampoline has a 6ft net enclosure.
  • It has a climbing ladder
  • It has a weight capacity of 375lbs.
  • It has 72 pieces of 7-inch springs.
  • It has 12ft mat diameter


  • The trampoline delivers a smooth and strong bounce.
  • It has a high weight capacity
  • The climbing ladder is very convenient.
  • The materials used make it a very durable trampoline.
  • It has ample space.
  • The enclosure provides ample protection


  • The trampoline is heavy and not easy to move.
  • It is not space efficient
  • You have to endure the assembling hassles to set it up.


The Zupapa trampoline is a fantastic option for your family. It is a great option for a heavyweight person too. You will need to ensure you have enough space for it and make arrangements for its assembly. All its features point at a very effective trampoline. Its reviews on Amazon are also very encouraging if they are anything to go by. The trampoline has great safety features, ample and smooth bounce and very durable materials. That’s all you need on a great trampoline. This is a great option as an exercise trampoline for heavy people.

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5) Little Tikes Trampoline

safest trampolineAll the trampolines above cannot be used by children under the age of 6. It would be unfortunate that the rest of the family can get on a trampoline while your toddler cannot. The Little Tike trampoline is specifically designed for little children. The trampoline has a 36’’ diameter jumping pad. It has a handle for maximum stability. Your toddler can easily burn energy on the trampoline. It is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 6. It is designed to be used indoors only.


  • It has a 36’’ diameter jumping pad.
  • It comes with a handle
  • It has a weight capacity of 55lbs.
  • The frame is made of steel and plastic.


  • The trampoline is very strong.
  • It has a handle that enhances balance and hence the safety of the kid.
  • It has ample space on the jumping pad.
  • The materials used are very durable.


  • The trampoline can only accommodate a single child at a time.
  • It can only be used indoors. You are not able to take it to the backyard or leisure park.


The Little Tikes Trampoline is a fantastic option for little children. Your toddler does not have to watch from the sidelines as the rest of the family is having fun on a trampoline again. The trampoline helps the toddler burn energy and enhance balance. You may not be able to move around with it much, but the toddlers do not need to move around much either. The trampoline has a strong construction, and it will, therefore, last for long. If you need a trampoline for your little one, this is the one to go for. This is among the best mini trampolines.

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6) Skywalker Feet Dump N’junkTrampoline

best outdoor trampolineTrampolines are made to provide fun to the whole family at the backyard, when deciding the brand to buy, people tend to look at specific features such as the durability of the trampoline, weight capacity of the trampoline and the playing space. Skywalker Trampolines are made putting into consideration the market features to ensure they provide the best to their customers.


  • They have effective safety measures. Skywalker Trampolines comes with safety enclosure that is attached to the jumping mat.
  • They have weight capacity of 200-pound
  • They have a round jumping surface with 15’ diameter
  • They have 6 w-shaped legs for maximum stability
  • Skywalker Trampolines are made from rust free and heavy-duty frames.


  • They have relatively simple assembling guidelines.
  • Their rust free and heavy-duty frames contribute to stability when using the trampoline
  • Their height makes them suitable for any member of the family
  • Their price makes them relatively cheap in the market while compared to other brands.
  • They can accommodate relatively huge weight
  • Comes in different sizes and shapes


  • Skywalker Trampolines are made with frame metals; this makes them relatively dangerous and not suitable for children,
  • Their prices are relatively cheap as compared to others; this might be translated to poor quality.
  • They have a small jumping mat.


Most people who had a chance to use Skywalker Trampolines have only positive things to say about the trampoline. Despite the fact that it is relatively cheap as compared to other brands, Skywalker Trampolines have the best features and offers a chance for the whole family to have fun and keep fit for a long time without minor repairs and thus worth spending for. It is a great option if you are on a compressed budget.

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7) JumpSport 350 Trampoline

best mini trampolineJump sport 350 Trampoline is one of the most renowned trampolines because of its safety and stability. It would be a great option for a family trampoline.  The bouncing surface material does not fray easily. The frame is made of steel which is strong and can accommodate more weight.


  • Has 30 patented cords
  • The bouncing surface is made from permatron
  • It has no-tip arched legs
  • Has a weight limit of 275 lbs.
  • Has a frame diameter of 39 in and a bouncing diameter of 32.5 inches.
  • The surface mat is 4’’ thick making it able to support up to heavyweights


  • It has a very smooth bouncing service which makes
  • The trampoline is durable since is made from permatron which do not wear out easily
  • The trampoline is easy to assemble
  • It’s easy to adjust the tension of the bouncing surface
  • It has very high stability as a result of the no-tipped legs
  • It has four workout videos making the exercise more relaxing


  • The straps holding the bouncing surface can easily snap if the trampoline is not assembled properly
  • The cords may come out when not well assembled


Though the JumpSport 350 Trampoline has some setbacks, it has demonstrated superior features. The safety and the durability of the trampoline cannot be questioned as the company has made sure extra safety factors are put in place. However, most of the setbacks can be avoided by ensuring proper assembly. The JumpSport 350 Trampoline seems to be a fantastic trampoline. It is strong, durable and versatile. These aspects always point at a very effective trampoline.

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8) Skywalker Rectangular Trampoline

best rated trampolinesThis Skywalker trampoline is rectangular, unlike many others which are circular. It has a net enclosure around the bouncing surface which is made from polythene. This enclosure is highly durable. It is resistant to the UV radiations and most importantly enhances the safety of the user. The frame is made of galvanized steel. It makes the trampoline usable for both indoor and outdoor activities. The bouncing surface is well attached to the frame and the enclosure net making it more durable and stronger.


  • It is a 15 * 9 feet trampoline in size
  • Can hold weight up to 250 lbs.
  • It has a rectangular shape
  • They are made in the USA
  • The spring pad has a 1-inch foam cushioning


  • The enclosure makes the trampoline useful for competition
  • The rectangular shape makes the trampoline have a higher thrust as many springs are used.
  • It can be used for outdoor activities
  • The foam padding increases the comfort of the trampoline.
  • The rectangular shape of the trampoline, compared to other trampolines, makes it easy for the user to control the height and landing position.


  • To assemble the trampoline, one may take a while.
  • If one misses joining the enclosure to the bouncing surface firmly, the stability of the trampoline is greatly affected.
  • The straps when not properly fitted can easily snap


Safety and durability are the aspects one looks for in buying a trampoline. Skywalker rectangular trampoline achieves these features in a great way. It is one of the best rectangle trampolines. The trampoline is unique as it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Though the trampoline has some disadvantages associated with it’s, they can all be avoided when one follows the assembly guide. The trampoline has been given the green light by many customers who have used it before. It is a fantastic option. This is arguably the best outdoor trampoline.

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9) JumpSportAlleyOOP Variable bounce Trampoline

best trampoline 2018The JumpSportAlleyOOP is a fantastic option for a family trampoline. Its frame is made from heavy-duty steel. The bouncing mat is 35 inches from the ground reinforced by powerful 8.5 inches black piano springs making it good for outdoor exercise. The jumping mat is made from a permatron material which is very durable. It is UV and water resistant and has very high tensile strength.


  • It is made up of 96 high-performance springs
  • The bouncing surface is smooth as it is made by the variable bounce technology
  • Can hold up to 800 lbs.
  • It has rest zones making the trampoline hold one person at a time.
  • The safety net can hold up to 295 lbs.
  • It has an overlapping doorway


  • The smooth bouncing surface and the technology used give the user a low impact landing
  • The overlapping doorway prevents one from falling out during exercise.
  • The rest zones provide a safer place to wait as compared to waiting from outside
  • The enclosing net is highly durable as it is built from the advanced safety net design
  • It has more safety features compared to other trampolines


  • The assembly of the trampoline takes a lot of time.
  • The height of the bounce surface is high, and children may destroy the trampoline as they climb especially to the trampolines with no ladders.


The safety and durability are the inherent features of this trampoline. The extra safety features increase one’s trust in the product. However, the trampoline may be hard to assemble and may take some time. This, however, cannot outweigh its benefits. The assembly manual needs to be adhered carefully, to ensure optimum efficiency. For value for your money, JumpSportAlleyOOP variable bounce Trampoline would be a good choice to go for. This is one of the best trampolines for adults. This is one of the best quality trampolines for outdoors.

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10) Upper Bounce Trampoline

best trampoline 2018Upper Bounce Trampoline is meant to bring fun to your home. With simple assembling and disassembling features, the trampoline is designed to provide fun at your yard and help you keep fit. Upper Bounce Trampoline net edge is reinforced to provide extra safety and last longer.


  • Upper Bounce Trampoline is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • They have durable and flexible jumping mat with jumping space surface of 73.33”
  • They are made from strong rust-free legs and frames.
  • They have safety pads to ensure proper cushioning.
  • They have effective safety enclosures.
  • The trampoline has a weight limit of 250 lbs.
  • Least weight 90”.


  • It has a large playing space for everyone
  • Easy to assemble
  • Offers a wide variety of sizes and models to choose from
  • They are made from heavy and rust-free legs and frames to ensure they have a longer lifespan.
  • Their safety features are functional.


  • Their large surface area makes them hard to flip over. It is therefore hard to move from one place to another over a short distance without dissembling them.
  • Assembling guidelines are hard to follow to some people.


Upper Bounce Trampoline is equipped with excellent and functional safety features which provide safety to all when playing and used properly. They are made from heavy metals which ensure that they last for long. Looking for the best Trampoline in the market to provide fun and at the same time ensure safety to the whole family, the best option available could arguably be the Upper Bounce Trampoline.

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11) SKYTRIC Trampoline

best trampolineWhen buying a trampoline, people are always worried about the size of the trampoline and safety of the trampoline they are about to buy. SKYTRIC Trampoline is constructed to address the two worries. SKYTRIC Trampoline offers a wide range of models and sizes suitable for varying yard spaces. SKYTRIC Trampoline is made from noncorrosive and heavy metal to give them a longer lifespan. Their W-shaped legs provide extra stability during use.


  • The trampoline has an enclosure net.
  • 6 W-shaped legs
  • It has push-button connectors at the enclosure and pad junction.
  • It has a weight capacity of 330lbs.
  • It has 80.31’’ circumference jumping pad.


  • SKYTRIC Trampoline is made from heavy materials that can hold more than 300 pounds of weight
  • W- shaped 6 legs provide more stability and reduce chances of movement while in use
  • Availability of minimal gaps helps in decreasing chances of accidents. This makes SKYTRIC Trampoline the best brand in the markets as children can have fun on their own.
  • SKYTRIC Trampoline comes in different sizes and models suitable for any space.
  • They have the top ring enclosure. A feature only found in the best trampoline brands.
  • Availability of double zip enclosure provides extra safety by allowing the user to fasten from the interior and the exterior


  • SKYTRIC Trampoline assembling process is arduous and complicated making users wait for long hours to have fun.
  • Only circular SKYTRIC Trampolines are in the market. This limits chances of users using their desired shape
  • SKYTRIC Trampoline zipper has a short lifespan. Customers are forced to tamper with the original design


Looking at SKYTRIC Trampoline features, one gets convinced that it is the best Trampoline brand in the market. The fact that they are made in different sizes to provide fun to all and with safety measures makes it a top option. It is a great option for family fun or a heavyweight person.

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Best Trampolines 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

The reviews above are meant to help you have a better understanding of what the best trampoline entails. The trampolines featured above have strengths in different aspects. The trampolines are best suited for different situations. Before purchasing a particular trampoline, you need to establish whether it can serve you best. This is dependent on several factors. You need to consider the following factors before settling on any particular trampoline.

  1. Weight Capacity

The trampoline’s base supports all the weight of the persons on it. All the trampolines have a weight threshold. A trampoline with a high weight threshold can accommodate more people, or heavier persons. Your weight and the number of persons you anticipate will be using the trampoline at any given point in time is a crucial determinant of the trampoline you get. You don’t want to buy a trampoline that cannot support your weight. You want a trampoline that can possibly accommodate your whole family. The weight capacity of the trampoline will always be indicated in its manual of package. Though some trampolines can support more weight than that indicated, it is important that you do not push its limits, if you want it to last long.

  1. Jumping Pad Space

The trampolines have different sizes of jumping pads. Some are more spacious than others. If you will be using the trampoline alone, you can make do with a less spacious one. If you anticipate that you may have more than one person on the jumping pad at the same time, you need a jumping pad with more space. Regardless of the number of people that will be using the trampoline, more jumping pad space is never a bad thing. More space reduces the risk of collision when two or more people are on the trampoline.

  1. Safety Features

Jumping and exercising on a trampoline can be a very exciting experience. However, it poses some risks of falling and getting injured. You could get badly injured if you jumped and fell on the ground away from the trampoline. Young children are more exposed to such risks as they may not be able to control their jumping sequence. A great trampoline will have an enclosure high enough to ensure that you land back on the trampoline whenever you jump. Safety is also enhanced by the legs of the trampoline. Arched and W-shaped legs are common used to ensure maximum stability.

  1. Bounce System

The trampolines have different bounce systems. Some use cords while others use springs. Springs deliver more bounce than cords. They are also stronger and sturdier. The springs also come in different sizes. Different trampolines have a different amount of springs different. Trampolines with bigger springs deliver more bounce. The number of springs is dependent on the size of the jumping pad. Wider pads have more springs. Depending on your specific circumstances, you can get a trampoline with either high or low bounce. For instance, if the trampoline will be mainly used by young children, you need to get a trampoline with low bounce.

  1. Intended User

If you’re buying a trampoline for young children, you need to buy one that is specifically designed with their needs taken into consideration. For Instance, children under the age of 6 should use a trampoline such as the Little Tikes. Any other trampoline will be most likely putting them at the risk of getting injured. If the user is elderly, they need a trampoline that does not have too much bounce and one that has an enclosure. Their condition exposes them more to the risk of injury. They should be able to enjoy being on the trampoline without having to worry about getting injured.

  1. Durability

The durability of the trampoline is informed by the materials used to make it. The frame is commonly made of galvanized steel, and the jumping pad is made of tough and stretchy polyester. These materials determine how long the trampoline is likely to last. You do not want a trampoline that cannot last for a few jumps. The frame needs to be rust resistant and the jumping pad polyester needs to be tough and sturdy. Durability of a product is the main indicator of value for money.

  1. Price

These trampolines differ widely in their features. They differ equally as wide in their prices. However, you may find different brands of trampolines with exactly the same features, but with different prices. You need to ensure that you get value for the money paid. Take time to compare the different trampolines that are within your budget and determine which one delivers the most value for you. That’s the only way to get the trampolines best price. A better-quality trampoline can never hurt. Always go for the best trampoline that you can afford. Never compromise on the quality, just to save a few dollars.


What is the best trampoline to buy? That should no longer be a worry. You should now be able to know which the best trampoline to buy is. Choosing your best-suited trampoline should no longer be such a difficult task. The review and buying guide above should help you narrow down to your most preferred trampoline. Whether it is for your children or yourself, you can get a trampoline that will serve well and for long. The review is very long though. You may not be able to recall all the details in it. As such below is a summary table of all the trampolines featured. The review highlights the features of the trampolines and their respective prices. You can quickly skim through it and make a quick decision.

NameCore FeaturesPrice
Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round
  • it has an enclosure around the bouncing surface

  • frame is made from heavy gauge galvanized steel

  • weight capacity of 200lbs

  • its circular with  6 W shaped legs

  • Check Price
    JumpSport 220 Trampoline
  • Bouncing area of 485 sq in

  • Has weight limit of 225 lb

  • Made up of 30 cords

  • The bouncing surface is made of permatron

  • Check Price
    SkyBound Stratos Trampoline
  • Galvanized steel frames

  • UV resistant Enclosure net

  • Has 72 springs

  • PVC FOAM pad, thickness: 20mm

  • Check Price
    Zupapa Trampoline
  • Has 12 pole to cover the enclosure of the bouncing surface

  • uses push-pin technology

  • Has a black coated steel frame

  • Maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs

  • Check Price
    Little Tikes Trampoline
  • Frame is made up of metal and plastic

  • Can carry up to 55 pounds

  • For indoor use only

  • Can hold one kid at a time

  • Check Price
    Skywalker Feet Dump N’junkTrampoline
  • 96 tightly coiled springs

  • Dual zipper enclosure

  • Has a basketball hoop

  • Made from galvanized steel

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    JumpSport 350 Trampoline
  • Bounce is 485 sq in

  • Weight limit 225 lb

  • Has 30 cords

  • Permatron bounce area

  • Check Price
    Skywalker Rectangular Trampoline
  • Weight capacity-175 lbs

  • Frame height-21 in

  • Jumping space- 36.62 sq ft

  • Gauge of steel used- 1mm

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    JumpSportAlleyOOP Variable bounce Trampoline
  • enclosure impact strength 230 lb

  • front size 12’ diameter * 53” tall

  • frame finish dark blue textured powder coat

  • User Weight Rating 235 lb*

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    Upper Bounce Trampoline
  • Weight limit 250 lbs

  • Least weight 90”.

  • jumping space surface of 73.33”

  • Check Price
    SKYTRIC Trampoline
  • 72 springs

  • Weight Capacity 330lbs

  • Galvanized steel

  • Double zipper net enclosure

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      • Trampolines are great and can be used by virtually anyone who can stand. A trampoline for babies should have an enclosure though.

      • The SkyBound Stratos Trampoline is great for gymnastics. The trampoline is strong and has ample bouncing space.

      • The JumpSport AlleyOOP Variable bounce Trampoline is very safe. The trampoline has an enclosure, and it is strongly built. It is quite bouncy as well.

      • Trampolines are not bad for your back, but you should not be bouncing on a trampoline if you have a bad back.

      • Skywalker trampolines are very safe. They are strongly built, and they always have an enclosure to prevent anyone from falling off.

      • Jumping on a trampoline is not bad for your knees, but it will make a knee problem worse if you already have it.

      • A trampoline can last for over a decade if you take good care of it. A quality trampoline is strongly built and should be very safe.

      • It is not safe to exceed the weight limit of a trampoline. It could break and injure those on it.

      • Jumping on the trampoline is a great cardio work out. It can indeed help you shed off some weight.

      • It depends on what you are looking to achieve. A 30-minute jump is always good enough for many people though.

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