Kettlebell work on the principle of more calories is burnt when you use more muscles. Using muscles means you will condition your muscles thus increasing metabolism and more fat is burnt when your body is at rest.

Best Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell Exercises Include:

1. Kettlebell thruster, press, and squat.

These three exercises are a beginner’s first choice. This is because kettlebell exercises activated almost all muscles in the body. The exercises are cardiovascular meaning they raise your heart rate quickly. Kettlebell squat is a pumping mechanism that circulates blood in the whole body while lubricating joints using healthy nutrients.

The depth of the kettlebell squat is crucial. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor so as to activate buttock muscles.

2. Kettlebell Swing.

Kettlebell swings are technical to use especially if you are a beginner. Kettlebell swing focuses more on the back as compared to kettlebell squats which focus on the whole body. Upper and mid back, lower back, buttocks, and hamstring are emphasized during this workout. The kettlebell is also cardiovascular since absorbing and swinging kettlebell weight uses up a lot of energy.

3. Kettlebell Press and Clean.

Despite being technical this exercise will help you shed excess weight. Just like kettlebell thruster and swings, this exercise will utilize most muscles. Kettlebell press and clean utilize deadlift movement which stimulates the way you pick anything heavy from the floor. Beginners need to start with kettlebell clean as they slowly include kettlebell press. This exercise is convenient for losing weight and for those working out in small spaces.

4. Kettlebell Press and Lunge.

This exercise requires enough length strength. It is advisable to first master the kettlebell squat before attempting kettlebell lunge. Kettlebell lunge too has cardiovascular output and improves the mobility of the hip bone. Master Kettlebell lunge before attempting kettlebell press.

5. Kettlebell Press, Squat and Clean.

This combination is known as a kettlebell complex combined exercise for calories loss. This exercise combines two major calories exercises to form one complex movement. Kettlebell press, squat and clean should not be done by beginners. The advantage of this complex exercise is maximum fat loss and can be done on limited spaces. Exercises should follow each other, that is, complete kettlebell clean, followed by a squat and finally kettlebell press.

6. Kettlebell High Pull.

This exercise is more advanced and very convenient for shedding extra calories. Before trying the high pull make sure you master kettlebell swing. High pull works on all muscles present in the body but more emphasis is at the back. Not only does kettlebell high pull exercises help lose weight, they help improve your posture.

7. Kettlebell Snatch.

Master Kettlebell high pull before trying the snatch. Not many muscles are activated while doing exercises. Your posture will be greatly improved while the calories shed.

Take Away

Know how to handle a kettlebell before embarking on any of the exercises. Eat well, take plenty of water and have enough sleep to let the muscles grow, repair and lose more calories. Consult an exercise specialist before using a kettlebell for exercising.

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