Best Inversion TableMany people around the world develop back problems as a result of their work or injuries. One of the most popular therapies for back problems is the inversion table therapy. The inversion table turns you upside down and relieves the pressure on your spine allowing it to realign itself properly. There is a lot of debate about the pros and cons of inversion table therapy. It certainly does have a couple of cons, in as much as it has pros. We want to dwell on the benefits and find whether it is a viable option for you back challenges.

We seek to inform and educate you about various matters of health and keeping fit. We want to ensure you understand your body well, and you know what to do when you have particular health challenges. This is a short review of the benefits of inversion table therapy. Many people around the world use it to resolve their back problems. After going through the review, you would be able to tell whether it could work for you too.

Benefits of Inversion Table Therapy

  • Improved Spinal Health

Whether you are standing, sitting or sleeping, there is always some pressure on your spine. The pressure might be too much while you are sleeping, but the spine never really gets a rest. Some people engage in activities that put pressure on the spine all day long. The spine there compressed over time. Such people will start experiencing back pains and discomfort.

The compression is remedied using massage, muscle-strengthening, as well as other techniques. Inversion therapy is one of these methods. The inversion table therapy relives the pressure on the spine, and gravity acts on it in the opposite direction. This can help realign the spine to its original position.

  • Chronic Back Pain Reduction

Many people who go for inversion table therapy, opt for it in a bid to try and relieve themselves of back pains. Main methods of treating back pain are always invasive and involve incisions to the back. Inversion table therapy always seems like a better option for many people. Many people have been recorded as having felt better after engaging in inversion table therapy. As mentioned above, back pains are as a result of too much pressure on the spine. Inversion table therapy helps relieve that pressure and compression.

  • Avoiding Surgery

As mentioned above, a corrective surgery is an ultimate method of realigning a compressed spine. If inversion table therapy works for you, you will be able to avoid surgery. Many people do not like going under the knife unless it is very necessary. Inversion tables become the best solutions for such people. The therapy has recorded an impressive level of success in remedying spine conditions.

It is important to also mention that inversion table therapy comes with some risks. There are people who cannot engage in inversion table surgery. People with the following health conditions cannot engage in inversion table therapy.

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke History
  • Osteoporosis
  • A hernia
  • Broken Bones
  • Obesity

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